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Migraine Gear is on sale NOW!

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All month long my migraine themed items will be on sale! Get yours early, last year the pins sold out very quickly and restocks can take weeks.

This year I have added two stickers, one based on my original pin design, and one brand new last month that focuses on the invisibility of migraines.

I had a batch of pins that were colored wrong, the sparkle is pink instead of white (see above photo) these are high quality, just colored wrong. I'm selling them at a lower price and they are also 40% off this month. My migraine story & why I make fun, colorful migraine gear

I personally suffer from chronic migraines. Clinically this means I have more than 15 migraine days in a month. At the time of my diagnosis I was having more than 20 migraine days in a month. While mine vary in severity and some attacks are "easier" than others, having symptoms most days of the month if not all (because, recovery) is honestly horrifying. I'm thankful to have found a treatment plan that works for me (for now) and with this treatment plan I am no longer suffering at the clinically defined chronic level.  

So why, with a long time of suffering chronically would I make migraine products that are fun, colorful, and happy? Why wouldn't I show how during an attack scooping my eyeball out with a spoon... or removing my head seems like a good solution? I'm not saying I won't ever go that route... haha... but my migraine themed items are ironically rainbow, sparkle, happiness. After all, don't we deserve a badge of survival after our brains wage war on our bodies? It's ironic but it's also something fun for sufferers and hopefully it helps raise awareness. Hopefully, it's a conversation starter or at least maybe someone will google and read a little about migraines and realize that people really can be suffering but also doing their job or that just because this person doesn't look sick doesn't mean they are making up that they need to go home or need special things like non florescent lighting. 

Anyway, I could go on for ages about this... if you have read this far thank you! If you suffer from migraines or if you know someone who does you can find a few resources below. 

Thank you so much for all your support!

Julia Freeman 


*Migraine support & resources: 

American Migraine Foundation  National Headache Foundation

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