June is Migraine Awareness Month

This post is just me rambling about my new migraine pin and my personal struggles with Chronic Migraines. (P.S. Find my migraine warrior pin here for 50% off through June 30th, 2019).

I tend to create products that I personally relate to or love. As a sufferer of Chronic Migraines creating a migraine pin was a natural thing to do. I drew inspiration for the brain from my own MRI's. Of corse this pin had to be ironically cute, I wanted it to be fun to wear. I wanted it to be a little bright spot that might make a sufferer smile when they are feeling like they probibly won't be able to peel themselves from the bed and trashcan for the next decade. I hope this pin helps to spark conversation about migraines. I know I would be more likely to ask someone about their migraine pin if it was bright and fun instead of the dark, cloudy 'true' representation. 

So I hope this pin brings joy to sufferers and helps bring awarness to this invisible illness. Please feel free to share this very casual post and in honor of Migraine Awarness Month you can purchase my Migraine Warrior Pin at 50% off all month long here. Or if you prefer to purchase on Etsy.

Migraine Resources: 

American Migraine Foundation

Coalition For Headache and Migraine Patients

- Julia